About us

Award winning Film & Video Makers

We are an independent multimedia content company based in the heart of Kent, England. At MotionHut, our job is to take your ideas and help you to reach your audience. We work individually with each client to ensure the highest quality end product in a way which is both time and cost efficient, and work closely to cater to each individual projects strengths and unique attributes. We believe that one of the keys to a successful online presence for your business is branded video content.

We’re proud of our quality service which is fast and efficient and it goes without saying that we always aim for a creative, contemporary and exciting end product that provides you and your business with the content that your customers new and existing will love. We can take the reins for you and work some MotionHut magic into your production, or we can simply provide hands on technical advice and supervision, with our expert help on hand at a moments notice.

We utilise the latest 4K equipped tools that are considered broadcast standard in the industry, and are Netflix™ approved. We use high resolution stills cameras for capturing beautiful pack shots, team photos and more! Our industry friends & contacts also ensures that we have fast and easy access to tools such as jibs, steadicams, and drones and this close relationship with our film and television industry contacts and friends also allows us the opportunity to access unique locations and production spaces for your branded video content.
We at MotionHut are the go-to for all your post production needs. Our edit suite is ready to handle colour grading, upscaling and so much more! Whether you need us in stills or video creation – we will take care of it with a team that works closely together every step along the way from beginning to end product completion.
We have created engaging content across various platforms including podcasts & films which captivate audiences while keeping users engaged throughout. Though we are “Motion” at MotionHut, our services extend through the content creation spectrum, whether it’s stills, motion graphics, podcasts and films. Our team will always be there to work with you and to develop a finished product which will be contemporary, exciting, and will ensure that your product is marketed to your audience and keeping them captivated from beginning to end.

Video content can meet many of the needs for your
 business output, but sometimes it’s a part of the bigger picture. Perhaps your
 business is rebranding from the ground up, or you’re looking to harmonise your online presence. MotionHut has worked 
closely with leading web content developers to ensure your output has
 the greatest reach it deserves, and we have some great friends who can
 redevelop your presence while working alongside MotionHut to shape your
 video production output to preserve a shared vision for your business. Get in touch with us to see what we can do for you today.

How can we help you?

Please call Sam Creamer to discuss how MotionHut can help with your next project on 01622 808 708 or email your brief to askus@motionhut.co.uk