Bands and Music Video Production

No matter the genre, we love making music videos. What matters most to us is that we provide a platform for your music to shine. With sites like Youtube providing a limitless opportunity for artists, what is it that will help you and your music really stand out from the crowd? Deep down we’re artists at MotionHut too, so let’s make some art together!

Music Videos are where we get the opportunity to really flex our creative muscles, and that means the content we create is limited to the stretches of your imagination. That means we can use jibs, drones, high frame rate / slow motion, and everything in between to give your video that high end quality finish.  We can also provide Behind The Scenes photography and videography for our own music video productions, or those sourced from elsewhere – don’t worry, we won’t be offended!

How can we help you?

Please call Sam Creamer to discuss how MotionHut can help with your next project on 01622 808 708 or email your brief to