The benefits of deploying Video Content in Educational Settings and Online Course Development

MotionHut has been a key partner in The Production Guild of Great Britain’s Virtual Learning Environment development process. Adding video content to an online course is a great way to engage students and keep them interested in the material.

There are many reasons why people choose to enroll in online courses, but one of the most important is the convenience. The Production Guild of Great Britain has developed a Virtual Learning Environment for its members; with it’s membership cohort scattered far and wide on many a HETV or Feature Film production, often on location the far reaches of the land, one of the main benefits that comes with an online course or program is that you can work on your studies at any time, from anywhere. Studies have shown that when video content is used in an educational setting, students learn more and retain the information better. This is because when we watch a video, our brains are actually working harder than when we read text. We not only see and hear the information, but we also process it visually and auditorially. This multi-sensory approach helps us learn and remember the material better.

H5P is a content creation tool that makes it easy to add interactive multimedia content to your website. It’s perfect for use in educational settings, as it allows teachers and students to create and share videos, quizzes, and slideshows. H5P content can be used to supplement traditional teaching methods, or it can be used as the basis for an entire online course.