Exploring “The Kingdom of Sound” – A short documentary for school children

As part of our ongoing collaboration with the Orchestra Network for Europe and University For The Creative Arts,  MotionHut had the opportunity to document the making of a very special short film. In 1945, when English composer Benajamin Britten wrote Young Persons Guide to The Orchestra he wanted to introduce young people to the world of classical music. Some 70 years later, CG animation filmmakers from University For The Creative Arts in Rochester are bringing his work firmly up to date. “Red & The Kingdom of Sound” is the 17 minute animated musical adaptation of Britten’s piece. Continue reading “Exploring “The Kingdom of Sound” – A short documentary for school children”

The benefit of video content for charities

Digital marketing company and charity that partners to help you grow your business. We use video to create visually appealing, emotionally compelling stories. With the use of video marketing, you can attract people and generate more donations by showing them what goes on in your charity and the extent to which they need their help. It’s a great way to show people that you’re making strides in the right direction and that they should donate today! Continue reading “The benefit of video content for charities”