Health & Safety and Induction video production

Staff training videos don’t have to be direct to camera lectures, we can work with you to deliver your aims and goals with enriching, engaging modern video.

Staff Induction Videos and health safety videos are a great way to share and communicate your workplace ethos in a modern and contemporary way. If your viewer isn’t engaging with a presentation, then the chances are they’re not absorbing that all important information. Just because content is informative doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be monotonous and sterile, and the best way to engage your audience is to show them content that is memorable and vibrant.

In the long run, having a safety or induction video can save your business valuable time and money. Safety and training videos remove the need for sourcing a member of staff who can carry them out in person. We know from research that people respond to video content more so than standard click-by-click presentations.  With video, the only people who need to take time out of their working day are the trainees. Video could be delivered via DVD, on a private page embedded in your website or directly played onto smartphones or tablet. Inform your staff of everything they need to know about safety protocol and on site methodology, in a modern, memorable way.

How can we help you?

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