MotionHut provides a bespoke and personalised service for the higher education sector, having worked closely with institutions such as the University of Kent and University for The Creative Arts. If you are a FE or HE institution please get in touch to find out more about what MotionHut can do for your course.

In addition to this, because of our experience in delivering an excellent learning experience for FE and HE we can provide training and educational programmes, sessions and workshops for your small or large business. We teach using structured programmes with key learning outcomes and assessable deliverables.

Perhaps you’re an aspiring social media influencer or promoting yourself. With dedicated one to one media tuition we can coach you to develop content that your fans will love to engage with!

Our workshops can be a great team building exercise, and help those outside of the creative departments of your business understand the concepts, technology and creative knowledge behind the marketing as well as the terminology required to effectively communicate ideas.

How can we help you?

Please call us to discuss how MotionHut can help with your next project on 01622 808 708 or email your brief to