Digital Imaging with Nike & Nandi Bushell

MotionHut was recently at hand to provide Digital Imaging services for a Nike Kids’ PLAYlab production featuring virtuoso drummer Nandi Bushell. The production utilised CODEX Media from an Arri Alexa LF and a Sony Venice. In addition, we provided a livestream feed to the producers in Paris from the production base in London, who were able to feedback to the production crew on set in real time.

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3 Ways to use YouTube As Part Of Your Video Marketing Strategy

MotionHut and Custodian Data Centre partnered up to develop content for their YouTube channel. MotionHut provided the creative direction, while Custodian Data Centre provided the data center expertise. Together, they created a series of informative and interesting videos that have been well-received by their viewers. Continue reading “3 Ways to use YouTube As Part Of Your Video Marketing Strategy”

The benefit of video content for charities

Digital marketing company and charity that partners to help you grow your business. We use video to create visually appealing, emotionally compelling stories. With the use of video marketing, you can attract people and generate more donations by showing them what goes on in your charity and the extent to which they need their help. It’s a great way to show people that you’re making strides in the right direction and that they should donate today! Continue reading “The benefit of video content for charities”